Java Arabica and Robusta Coffee from The North West Cooperative Association - NWCA

The North West Cooperative Association Ltd commonly known by its acronym NWCA is a peasant farmer-organization founded in 1950 comprising of over 35,000 members situated all over the North West Region of Cameroon.

With over 20 years of experience, NWCA continues to process Java Arabica and Robusta coffee as well as cocoa with minimal use of chemical fertilizers grown on rich volcanic soils at an altitude of 1.200-2.200 meters above sea level. It has a remarkable trend in its positioning at the local and international markets, being ranked most often among the first three in the country in terms of production and marketing.

NWCA distributes freshly roasted coffee retailers wholesale green beans to select distributors worldwide. 100% of profit is paid to our farmer-owners, whose best organic coffee is roasted in small batches in the Region. Buying organic coffee directly from farmers means better coffee for you, a better life for the farm family and a healthier environment for us all.

Innovation continues to be at the forefront of our Plan and Thematic areas; The introduction of gender balance and equality into the coffee and cocoa production chains, social security scheme to assist in the professionalization of various coffee and cocoa activities, diversification into more income generating activities, and more importantly, the microfinance scheme; shows that we are genuinely creating a positive impact in the various communities we work with.

We are very hopeful that with the support of the government of Cameroon and our donor organizations and other partners, the current plan will not only remain our wishful thinking but will become a reality.

Core Values of NWCA

NWCA Ltd will be guided by six corporate values which embody teamwork, accountability, competence, integrity, innovativeness and transparency.