Drink Kola Coffee

Grown on the rich volcanic mountain soils of the North West Region of Cameroon, our Kola Coffee brings you all the rich coffee goodness which can only be derived from this region. Kola Coffee is derived from organic Arabica coffee beans which are inter-planted with kola nut crops. A well known Cameroonian saying goes, “he who brings kola brings life”, and the presence of the kola nut tree brings life to the coffee beans. Part of that life comes because of the shade provided by the kola nut trees which stand taller than the coffee plants. This shade provides protection from the scorching tropical sun and at the same time the rich soil provides the perfect nutrients for the coffee to thrive on. The presence of the trees also serves as natural protection against soil erosion. This method of growing our coffee beans has proven to give our coffee its distinctive flavor, which can only be realized by experiencing it for yourself. 

According to Roast Magazine on Cameroonian coffee, “Its unique profile comes from the rich volcanic soil as well as from the benefits of growing in a diversified crop environment.” It is handpicked from the trees and also manually sorted on elevated tables after hulling. 

It can be enjoyed at anytime of the day, alone or with a favorite treat. Kola Coffee is Full-bodied, medium acidity with complex floral and herbal flavors, notes of black pepper with a long sweet finish.  It has a smooth, rich taste that you won’t soon forget. 

Let it become your coffee of choice, when you think of coffee, think Kola Coffee. A proud producer of the finest coffee - since 1950.