NWCA is a peasant farmer organization comprising of over 35,000 peasant farmer members from the North West Region of Cameroon producing, marketing & distributing Cameroon's finest Coffee

[Awing] [Bali] [Bamenda] [Belo] [Donga Mantung] [Fundong] [Momo] [Ndop] [Njinikom] [Noni] [Nso] [Oku] [Santa-Pinyin]

Our Vision is summarized as producing “Prosperous coffee and cocoa farming communities; a vibrant, competitive and sustainable coffee and cocoa industry” in the NWR
Our Mission is to increase productivity, production and market access for female and male coffee and cocoa farmers and others along the value chains, with motivated, competent and continuously learning actors.

Besides being Cameroon's biggest exporter of Arabica Coffee, The NWCA is the proud producer and distributor of Cameroon's finest coffee

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